„Szpitale Wielkopolski” limited liability company was founded by Wielkopolska Region under the Decision NoIV/52/11 of the Wielkopolska Regional Parliament of February 21st, 2011.


The Company’s business objectives are:

  1. operating as an investor or a project management company for health care centres founded by Wielkopolska Region, provided the Company is entrusted with such tasks,
  2. preparation and execution of the construction project of a new mother and child hospital, and after its completion – furnishing, maintenance and use of constructed buildings in a way ensuring provision of health care services in accordance with the current legislation,
  3. representing health care centres, listed under letter a) and b) in purchase negotiations and other economic procedures, to support expenditure efficiency at these health care centres, provided the Company is entrusted with such tasks.


The Shareholders Assembly is formed by the Wielkopolska Region Management Board.

Wielkopolska Region is the sole shareholder of the Company.

Board of directors

  • Jacek Waszak

    Supervisory Board Member

  • Maciej Kowalczyk

    Supervisory Board Member

  • Przemysław Pacia

  • Ryszard Zaczyński

  • Leszek Sobieski


  • Izabela Marciniak

  • Wojciech Ołdyński